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Is ‘Mortgage’ Just Another Name For A Home Loan

Is ‘Mortgage’ Just Another Name For A Home Loan

That depends on who 'you' are. When you take out a mortgage or home loan, you can choose to have an interest rate this is fixed, variable, or split (a combination of the two). There is no right or wrong option – it all depends on your circumstances. Fixed rate home...

Case Study | When You are Having Cash Flow Trouble, Act Quickly

Case Study | When You are Having Cash Flow Trouble, Act Quickly

Looking to lower his car repayments to manage his cash flow a little better, Dan Simpson didn’t realise that the payday loans he had been using to get through a difficult period would jeopardise a loan application. Dan Simpson had been struggling to make repayments on...

Investment Loans: Application Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Investment Loans: Application Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Amidst promising gains and generous ease, investment loans may not always be free of fret. Whether you are plain folk, a seasoned entrepreneur, or an experienced businessman the game for investment loans can be both risky and rewarding depending on the choices you...

Six Ways To Fund A Renovation

Six Ways To Fund A Renovation

Any renovation project, large or small, can be all-consuming in terms of your energy and money. Here are six loan types that can help you with the latter. Considering transforming your home from ‘blah’ to ‘brilliant’, but lacking the funds to support your major...


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