How much will I need to pay?

Borrowers and lenders are obliged to meet their stamp duty in settling their mortgages. Stamp duty varies according to where you are planning to buy a property in Australia and the property cost. However, if you are first time home-buyer you can avail the perk of concession. 

Stamp Duty

The Australian government provides such exemption for first time buyers so that they can shop around investment properties and purchase them and live easily outright after the mortgage loan process is settled.  However, for those who wish to buy another property, several stamp duty is required to be complied within 30 days.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Our stamp duty calculator shows how much tax the government in Australia collects as you purchase your new home.  Provide the required information below and find out the amount of stamp duty your dream property may collect from you.

Though our tool can give you excellent result however knowing ones stamp taxes can be puzzling for homebuyers because interest rate, property cost, and other rates differ all over the country.  For this, a mortgage broker from our team is ready to serve you from your queries and necessary legwork in your documents.