Home Improvement Loans

Do you need finance for Home Improvements?

Next to purchasing or refinancing, borrowing for home improvements is one of the most common reasons home-owners apply for more finance.

We can arrange for a top-up on your existing home loan or a new loan for your next project. It’s fast and easy. After all, you already have a home and a home loan, so the hard part is done.We will prepare a quote for you to let you know the repayments and the best deal with your current lender and also give you a comparison showing a range of loans. 

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It’s even possible to increase your loan without increasing your loan repayments. Particularly if you don’t currently have a competitive home loan. It’s important to make sure you are still getting a good deal when you need to apply for an increase in lending, and we can compare loans across our full panel of lenders and provide you with a comparison report.

If your loan is competitive then it may be just the case of applying for an increase or a top up on your current loan or a small separate loan to pay for the improvements.

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