Thinking about how long to repay your loan?

Use this calculator to work out how long it will take you to repay your home loan with this handy calculator based on your loan amount, frequency of repayments and interest rate. 

You can use this calculator to work out minimising your loan term by increasing your repayment.

 If you make larger repayments, then the minimum required you can pay off your loan much faster.

Save as much by paying ahead and more frequently. Make weekly or fortnightly repayments may pay off your loan faster.

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Use this calculator to set the term by considering loan repayments over time. Type your loan amount together with your interest rate and monthly fees on the corresponding areas.

This will calculate your loan term, total loan cost, and payable interest in just a few clicks.  You can adjust easily adjust the loan term or interest rate.

If you are considering making weekly or fortnightly repayments you can try this calculator which will show the savings between weekly, fortnightly and monthly calculator.You can contact us to follow up and get advice about your home loan options.

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