Why Preparing A Moving House Checklist Is A Stress Reliever?

Moving to a new home sounds exciting yet most stressful job you would not ever want. Reality is, you need to consider every edge of your house – from organizing small pieces of documents to packaging, labeling your stuff and the list goes on.

Moving Home Inventory

Other may involve the cost of moving and the time you need to spend so you need to have an inventory, labeling on your appliances and other important stuff on your moving checklist. By that means, you will not end up guessing and you can follow up with removalist company and file a claim if something is not delivered.

Getting Your Stuff Move Safely To Your New Home

Make sure items are well-wrapped and labeled when they’re placed into the moving van. “Sometimes the ‘quickly’ part outweighs the ‘careful’ part,” he warned of movers.

Tweet: the cost of moving and the time you need to spend are unpredictable until you try to move.Remember, the cost of moving and the time you need to spend are unpredictable until you try to move.

You will end up swamped with work if you don’t have a strong moving house checklist.

Complete Detailed Moving Home Checklist

We completely break down the relocation checklist for you whether you’re moving 3 months from now or within a week of move. We hope you keep yourself on track and if you need any help to arrange finance application, you can contact Property Finance Online. 

Print A Hard Copy! Don’t forget to download the pdf version of moving house checklist.

Complete Moving Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before Moving

  • Get quotes for removals or rental truck
  • Schedule removals or rental truck
  • Prepare a list of what you want to move
  • Arrange for school transfer
  • Clean out all closet and drawers
  • Ask for doctor and detail referrals; arrange for the transfer of medical and dental records if required
  • Call Property Finance Online to arrange finance application

moving house checklist that can make your life easier

2-4 Weeks Before Move

  • Get packing supplies: boxes, newsletter, tape, markers
  • Use up or dispose or hold the garage sale for unwanted items
  • Arrange for carpet/window cleaning/house cleaning
  • Arrange for a move of pets
  • Arrange for a move of plants
  • Arrange for utilities (cancel existing and organize new connections)
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Telephone/Internet
    • Garden Waster/Lawn Mowing Service
    • PayTV/Cable/Satellite
  • Arrange for transfer of home/home contents insurance
  • Begin packing items now required before moving
  • Check under all storerooms, sheds and under the house

7-14 Days Prior

  • Set aside critical documents and items to will keep with you such as passports, birth certificates, tax returns, bank and insurance documents
    • Change Address:
    • Family and friends
    • Newspaper/Magazines
    • Bank accounts/Credit Cards
    • Employer
    • Application Form to Re-direct mail from Australia Post

1-5 Days Before Relocating

  • Defrost freezer
  • Clean refrigerator, stove, and oven
  • Disconnect and drain appliances for move
  • Drain fuel from power equipment
  • Confirm travel arrangements
  • Confirm arrival time of movers/pick-up time of rental truck
  • Have payment and snacks ready for movers
  • Gather and clean outdoor furniture
  • Organise keys
  • Clean house
  • Finish packing
  • Prepare what goes into the car when moving
  • Change of clothes and toiletries for first day

On The Spot Moving Day

  • Disassemble beds
  • Double-check that all cupboards, closets, dishwater and other appliances are empty
  • Give removalists tour and instructions for what is being moved
  • Shut off gas and switch off electricity
  • Lock up house securely, check all windows and doors

Within 40 days of Move

  • Change address:
    • Driver’s license
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Electoral Commission
    • Rene mail re-direction if required
    • Enjoy new home