A MFAA member
When most people look for a mortgage, home loan or business finance, they’re pre-occupied with numbers – who’s offering the lowest interest rate? But in choosing the right mortgage broker, finance broker or lender, there’s something else you should be looking for.

The right letters: MFAA

  • Raising the bar for mortgage & finance brokers, aggregators and mortgage managers
  • MFAA stands for the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.
  • Formerly known as MIAA, MFAA was formed to raise standards among mortgage & finance brokers, aggregators/franchise groups & mortgage managers. It is now the peak industry body, representing over 12,500 mortgage, home loan and finance professionals across the country.

MFAA approved mortgage & finance brokers
To be approved (accredited) by MFAA, mortgage & finance brokers must satisfy rigorous criteria on education, experience and ethics. To remain a member, they must demonstrate they have maintained those standards and kept up-to-date with the latest mortgage and finance Industry developments.

So when you choose an MFAA approved mortgage broker, finance broker, mortgage manager or aggregator/franchise you can be sure you’re dealing with someone who has demonstrated knowledge, experience and integrity.

Mortgages & home loans: only with an MFAA member
Whenever you borrow through a mortgage broker, finance broker, mortgage manager or franchise group, ask if they are a member of MFAA.

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Source: The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)